• Committed to complying with the environmental legislations of our country and internationally, Aysan Plastik fulfills all its legal obligations and shares its legal evaluation reports with the relevant public institutions and organizations.
  • Aysan Plastik, which received the ts en iso 14001:2015 ‘environmental management system’ certificate in 2015, has thus approved its sensitivity to environmental health in the national and international environment.
  • In all its activities, it has established and actively operates an environmental management system that includes the requirements of the TS EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard. As a result of the evaluation of environmental elements, it successfully manages issues that are considered to have high environmental risk within the system.
  • We are determined to continuously and significantly increase the value we add to society and the environment with our customers, suppliers and employees.
  • In order to leave a livable world to future generations, to adopt the basic principles of sustainable development in all our fields of activity, and to constantly follow the sustainability programs developed in the national and international arena,
  • To keep the direct and indirect environmental effects arising from our activities under control in all processes from the design to the end of the life cycle of our products, and to reduce the negative environmental effects,
  • In order to prevent environmental pollution, to reduce the polluting waste at its source, to reuse or to recycle it in line with technological possibilities,
  • To manage and reduce the environmental impacts arising from our activities with its continuously developing system and to continuously improve our environmental performance by using innovative and creative approaches,
  • We are committed to sharing environmental awareness and our efforts to protect the environment with our employees, customers, suppliers and the society, and to ensure that this awareness is adopted as a philosophy of life.

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