Our firm was founded in 1973 by M. Sait Ay with the aim of producing polyethylene pipe for agricultural irrigation, and it has become a family company with the title of Aysan Plastic Industry and Trade Inc. Since those days, by maintaining its steady growth, it has made apermanent impression successfully in the production of plastic pipes which are used in infrastructure sector.

Today, Aysan Plastic is a production facility of pipes, which has 70.000 tons installed capacity, which was built on an area that is 100.000 m² on Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone. It is the biggest and the most modern industrial zone of Turkey. Aysan Plastic has proved itself with its quality particularly in the domestic market and also in the countries where it exports and it has become one of the most in-demandtrademarks.

With the experience we have throughout the years, improving quality of our product and our system and also increasing range and capacity of our product are our priority targets. By following and performingthe innovations of the world of 21th century, every time keeping up our Research and Development activities, providing better service to our customers with our professional personals are our invariable desires.

We will be happy to answer all your questions.